A Little About Manticore

Our Company

Manticore Fuels Drilling Rig

Company History

Headquartered in Midland, Texas, Manticore Fuels was formed to serve E&P and OFS companies to provide the highest level of service quality. As an independent and privately held company, Manticore Fuels is backed by energy industry veterans with deep expertise across the entire spectrum from production through refining and marketing. We have unique capabilities that ensure consistent, high quality diesel supply as we own and operate a 20,000 bbl/day specialty refinery which produces >1 million gallons of diesel per day.

Furthermore, we hold approximately 1.6 million bbls. of refined product across our storage tank farm ensuring our customers operations never run dry.

  • End-to-end fuel supply chain control
  • Integrated system of multi-stage quality assurance
  • Value-based pricing
  • Real-time technology and analytics

Scope of Work

Manticore Fuels provides diesel and related fueling solutions to drilling operators throughout West Texas. We offer on site services on a 24/7 basis. We pride ourselves on our reliable fuel supply, the consistent quality of our product, and commitment to meeting all of our customers’ needs.

Refinery and Bulk Storage

We account for roughly 2 million barrels owned or in storage across the US and have a fleet of over 50 bulk fuel trucks.

Wholesale Fuel Purchasing & Hedging

Our wholesale bulk fuel team is dedicated to dyed diesel procurement and price optimization.